What is New Mexico CPM?

New Mexico CPM is a company that specializes in renting medical equipment. To be more specific we rent knee CPM’s, shoulder CPM’s, and cold therapy units. In addition to renting medical equipment we have an orthopedic and bracing clinic that is available by appointment and we also accept walk-ins.

What is a CPM?
A CPM unit is known as Continuous Passive Motion. is a postoperative treatment method that is designed to aid recovery after joint surgery. In most patients after extensive joint surgery, attempts at joint motion causes pain. As a result, the patient fails to move their joints. This allows the tissue around the joint to become stiff and for scar tissue to form resulting in a joint, which has limited range of motion and often may take several months of physical therapy to recover that motion.

How long will I be required to use a CPM?

The suitable time for recovery is generally 21 days from the day of the surgery. However, depending on your insurance, those days can and will fluctuate depending on insurance coverage.

What is the cost to rent a CPM device?

The cost of renting a CPM device depends on which insurance company you have and whether or not they cover the cost of the machine for the duration of your rehabilitation. Also, the machine can be rented privately and without insurance coverage.

What insurance carriers are accepted by NMCPM?

NMCPM is contracted with all major insurance carriers and is working everyday to expand our pool of insurances carriers that we work with.

Will you do all the insurance paperwork required for the patients?

NMCPM is contracted with all major insurance carriers. We prior authorize and bill for all of our products.

Are we required to pick-up and/or drop off our rented CPM device?

No. When a CPM is rented, we send out an orthopedic tech to set up your device in the hospital or in your private residence. Also, we have a driver who will pick-up the CPM device the day that it is due back.

What is the NMCPM Clinic?

The NMCPM Clinic is a clinic that specializes in orthopedic and bracing. Our bracing is available for upper and lower extremities as well as the spine.

Can I send my patient to the NMCPM Clinic without an appointment?

Yes, our hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. We can also make arrangements to make a home visit for patients who have problems with transportation.

Where is the clinic located and what are the hours of operation?

The clinic is located at 1524 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87120. Our hours of operation at 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Can I order any brace that I wish?

Yes, NMCPM can provide you or your patient with any brace you wish. We also carry braces by Ossur, Donjoy, BioSkin, DeRoyal and many other brands.

What is a Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy is also known as Cryotherapy. This is a process in which you are given a cold rush device that produces constant cold water to a pad that is applied to an area of the body. The reason for cold therapy is to decrease the flow of fluids into the tissues or ligaments, which will overall help decrease your current pain and inflammation.

Here at New Mexico CPM, our patients come first. Thats why its our goal to provide professional care and service that is unmatched by our competitors. Its this mindset thats allowed New Mexico CPM Inc. to become a leader in orthopedic home care in New Mexico.